Defiant Attraction is on tour!


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Thursday, November 9th: Excerpt Reveal
@Saucy Reviews on Kinky Korner

Friday, November 10th: Giveaway
@Nightly Reading

Saturday, November 11th: Review Reveal
@AC Squared Book Blog

Sunday, November 12th: Character Spotlight (Dan)
@BFD Book Blog

Monday, November 13th: Character Spotlight (Sophie)
@Written Love Reviews

Tuesday, November 14th: Review Reveal
@Reader With A Plan

Wednesday, November 15th: Review Reveal
@Once Upon a Book Blog

Thursday, November 16th: RELEASE DAY Interview with Mara White
@Huffington Post

Friday, November 17th: Official Playlist Reveal
@Tome Tender

Saturday, November 18th: The Language of Flowers
@Rainy Thursdays

Sunday, November 19th: Author Interview
@World’s Slowest Reader

Monday, November 20th: The Cars of Defiant Attraction
@U.S.-Brazil Book Review

Tuesday, November 21st: Sexy “Stepbrothers” and the Ethics of the Forbidden (Guest Post)
@Girl With Pen

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